Loss Chance20.3%
Jitta Time Machine

Jitta Signs

Operating MarginConsistent
Debt LevelNo Long Term Debt
CapExVery Low
Growth Opportunity (78)
Recent Business Performance (92)
Financial Strength (100)
Return to Shareholders (54)
Competitive Advantage (80)

Key Stats

Jitta ScoreJitta LineRanking
Beverages (Nonalcoholic)4.1848.70%2/11

Company Description

Monster Beverage Corporation develops, markets, sells and distributes energy drink beverages, sodas and/or concentrates for energy drink beverages, primarily under various brand names, including Monster Energy, Monster Rehab, Monster Energy Extra Strength Nitrous Technology, Java Monster, Muscle Monster, Mega Monster Energy, Punch Monster, Juice Monster, Ubermonster, BU, Mutant Super Soda, Nalu, NOS, Burn, Mother, Ultra, Play and Power Play, Gladiator, Relentless, Samurai, BPM and Full Throttle. The Company has three segments: Monster Energy Drinks segment, which consists of its Monster Energy drinks, as well as Mutant Super Soda drinks; Strategic Brands segment, which includes various energy drink brands owned through The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC), and Other segment (Other), which includes the American Fruits & Flavors (AFF) third-party products. The Strategic Brands segment sells concentrates and/or beverage bases to authorized bottling and canning operations.

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