Which stock should I buy?
When should I buy it?

Jitta has the right answers.

  • Simple and effective investment strategies
  • Ease of use, intuitive, and practically effortless
  • Returns of 400% greater than S&P 500 (since 2009*)

Buy a wonderful company at a fair price.

Jitta Principle

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Jitta Score

tells you which stock is a wonderful company to invest in, on a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the better the company.

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Jitta Line

tells you the fair price of the stock from a business perspective. If the market price is on or below the Jitta Line, it is time to buy the stock.

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Jitta Score = Wonderful Company

How Wonderful Of Company is?

Jitta determines by analyze deeping in the company financial statements for past 10 years which based on 5 factors


Jitta Score / Factor

Competitive Advantage (92)
Return to Shareholder (70)
Financial Strength (100)
Recent Business Performance (40)
Growth Opportunity (85)

Jitta Score from 1-10

Higher Score is better company. So now you can explorer new stocks and easy to compare and found a great company

Jitta Line = Fair price

Jitta Line is a line representing the reasonable price of each individual stock from the business perspective. A 25% below Jitta Line means the stock price is cheaper than reasonable price by 25%

Jitta Investment Result

S&P 500

Jitta Ranking is our algorithm to rank stocks based on Jitta Score and Jitta Line to give you the opportunity to “Buy a Wonderful Company at a Fair Price”. Since 2009, our Jitta Ranking has given returns of 400% greater than S&P 500

Think about how your money could grow if you invested in Jitta Top Ranking compared to S&P 500 and Dow Jones!

*Backtest from 2009-2015

Jitta Ranking Yearly Returns

 TOP 5TOP 10TOP 20S&P 500
TOTAL GAIN826.90%408.95%279.23%126.28%
Mary BuffettThe best-selling author of Value Investment books, international speaker and entrepreneur.
Enlighten, perfect solution for value investors. Highly Recommend.By far, Jitta is the best value investment tool I have ever seen. Jitta takes the value investment concept into reality by comprehending all financial numbers into a Jitta Score (quality) and a Jitta Line (fair value). Every investors can benefit by using Jitta combined with their own strategy.