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Start investing with the right methodology.Jitta simplifies everything for you.

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A cutting-edge investing solution that helps you achievebetter returns through these powerful features.

Get smart stock analysis

Sit back and relax. Let Jitta do all the tedious work for you.We analyze complicated financial numbers and show youthe two most important factors when investing:

  • Jitta Score

    Scoring companies based on their businessquality on a scale of 0 to 10. The higher the score,the morewonderfulthe company.

  • Jitta Line

    Thefair priceof a company. The lower the pricehits below the Jitta Line, the more margin ofsafety to invest.

Jitta lets you"Buy a Wonderful Company at a Fair Price."

Jitta Ranking has been outperforming S&P 500 since 2009.

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Discover high-potential investmentopportunities

Great investment options are all over the world!Find them based on your preferred investmentstrategies or countries. Jitta ranks high-qualitycompanies that are undervalued for theirinvestment potential, giving you the hottestleads on hidden-gem opportunities.

Create your owninvestment strategy

Jitta helps you screen stocks using morethan 100 criteria, including Jitta Intel and allthe key financial numbers, ratios and trendsinthe investment world.

See backtestedreturns and risks

Jitta backtests your Screener result to showits historical returns and risks, so you knowif the strategy suits your investment style.Once you’ve found the right strategy, you’ll beready to invest and outperform the market.

Accesscomprehensivefinancial data

No more digging through endless financialreports. We compile the last 10 yearsand 10 quarters ofa company's financialnumbers for your in-depth stock analysis.

Customize ithowever you want

Add your favorite financial indicatorsand arrange them however makes the mostsense to you.

Compare line-by-linecompanies' keyfinancial numbers

Compare three companies side by sideand find out which comes out the winner.

Manage and analyzeyour Portfolio'sperformance

Maximizing returns and minimizing risks aresimple: our gain and loss indicators helpyou make educated investment decisionswhile our holistic tool shows your Portfolio'squality and how its fair price compares withits market value.