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Jitta Fundamental
Discover a great-quality company
Find the fair price of a company
See how “a wonderful company at a fair price” ranks against others
Compare key factors crucial to a business analysis
Get a quick analysis of a company’s key strengths and weaknesses
Know the probability of a stock’s price decrease within a year
Compare a company with its peers in the industry
Buy, hold or sell based on your customized strategic checklist
See a stock’s past Jitta Scores, Jitta Line and prices
Manage, analyze and strengthen your Portfolio smartly
Jitta Smart Tools
Stay on top of your favorite stocks with automatic financial updates
Get an alert when the price of a followed stock meets your criteria
Note and save important information about a company
Group stocks with personalized tags
Compare Jitta data of every stock before making a decision
Access Jitta Library
Awesome 24/7 customer support
Jitta FactSheet
See the last 10 years and 10 quarters of a company’s financial numbers
View annual and quarterly financial data
Compare line by line a company’s key financial ratios
Add your favorite financial ratios and customize their order
See a trend line for every financial ratio
Request new financial ratios for customization
Jitta Playlist
Discover high potential investment strategies in no time
Create your own Playlist with Jitta Intel
Screen stocks with 100+ criteria: financial numbers, ratios and trends
Request new financial ratios as a criterion
See a backtested result of your strategy and compare it with a market index
View risk metrics to make a more rational decision
Build and save your own Playlist and start investing like a pro

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