How we help: Jitta's innovative investment solutions

How We Help

The expertise, the patience and the perseverance required to follow Warren Buffett’s “buy a wonderful company at a fair price” approach is tremendous.

But we live in a world where age-old annoyances can be eliminated with a single screen swipe. There’s no reason why we can’t employ technology to tear down those barriers for value investors everywhere.

Envisioning a better, easier way for ordinary people to achieve similar results without spending as much energy, we invented algorithms that would analyze financial statements on behalf of 200,000 value investors.

The algorithms would process 550 million numbers from almost 20,000 listed companies and translate them into Jitta Score and Jitta Line, two simple indicators of business quality and fair price, respectively. Based on these two information, the algorithms produce Jitta Ranking, a stock classification system that places the most “wonderful company at a fair price” at the top.

These algorithms help both newbies and seasoned pros identify potential investments in mere quick glances. They generate returns that outperform market indices around the world since 2009. And their solid performance underpin the success and reliability of our two unique long-term investment solutions: and Jitta Wealth is a web-based, all-in-one solution for active value investors working to improve their long-term returns. From researching businesses to analyzing potential investments to rebalancing your portfolio, our features help you complete the whole process without the use of a single spreadsheet. Our proprietary algorithms also boil down complex financial data into simple, practical stock insights even the most novice investors can apply. But if you like numbers, Jitta provides 10 years and 10 quarters of financial data to bolster your investment decisions. Such data—normally accessible only to a few deep-pocketed investors—is available free of charge to every Jitta user.

Our team of passionate engineers take pride in pioneering the world no one has ever gone.

Our main challenge isn’t acquiring users, but to ensure the integrity of the system and our data, so we can provide quality financial analysis that can transform lives. To achieve that, we employ only the most reliable technology, basing our entire architecture on Google Cloud Platform and constructing our system using the highly flexible React framework. Our products are user-oriented and fully responsive. It’s the Jitta Way of engineering: innovating new solutions to long-term investment, so you can enjoy life with the deepest peace of mind.