Why we're doing this: Jitta's vision, mission and ambition

Why We’re Doing This

We believe there’s more to life than a percentage return on investment.

Life is about spending time with the people you love, exploring new possibilities, pursuing the things that bring a greater sense of joy and meaning.

Our raison d'etre is to help you savor every second of your beautiful life with absolute peace of mind.

No more nagging stock-market anxiety. No more over-analyzing the financial statements. No more frustrating attempts at winning the loser’s game.

Just live, fully confident in the solid foundation of your future.

It’s a straightforward approach proven most effective for those who set sights on stable and sustainable financial growth. It’s accessible to investors of all levels. And it’s gone through relentless tests, enhancements and reviews for maximal reliability.

Since our launch in 2013, we’ve been passionately sharing our Jitta Way with the world in hopes that the uncomplicated approach will equip people with the wherewithal to succeed in the market while still fulfilling their life goals.

And we aim to achieve that through the Jitta Way. Our less-is-more investing philosophy encapsulates an incredibly simple concept: buy great companies at a fair price and hold them.

Perhaps one day, more will agree with us that when it comes to investing, the simplest answer is the best answer.

They’ll find the Jitta Way sensible after witnessing the peace of mind we’ll have been delivering to millions of people across continents. Our approach may eventually be recognized and respected around the world, on par with Warren Buffett’s or Benjamin Graham’s. But more gratifying than any of that is to watch you, our children and our grandchildren enjoy everything life has to offer with a heart so light it could float away.

Then and only then do we count ourselves succeed.